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Weekly Scam Article with the Daily Express

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This article is updated regularly.

In March 2022, Louise Baxter (Head of the National Trading Standards Scams Team) teamed up with James Walker (CEO of Rightly) to produce a weekly scams article with the Daily Express. The newest article goes live on the Daily Express' website every Wednesday and you can find links to them all below:

16/03/2022 - Fake charities exploiting the crisis in Ukraine

23/03/2022 - Energy bill telephone scams exploiting the cost of living crisis

30/03/2022 - WhatsApp messaging scams posing as friends and family

06/04/2022 - Lottery scams in the post

13/04/2022 - Clairvoyant and psychic scams in the post

20/04/2022 - Urgent parcel scam text messages

27/04/2022 - Websites leaking your data

04/05/2022 - Holiday scam emails

11/05/2022 - Business scams

18/05/2022 - Cryptocurrency phone scams

15/05/2022 - Telephone scams from your 'bank'

22/05/2022 - Telephone scams from a courier

01/06/2022 - Spotting a scam website

15/06/2022 - Fake delivery messages

29/06/2022 - How to work out if it's your bank calling

06/07/2022 - Fraud email from PayPal

13/07/2022 - Prime Day hoax emails

20/07/2022 - Royal Mail text message scams

27/07/2022 - Signs your relative may be getting scammed

03/08/2022 - HMRC scam calls

10/08/2022 - Inheritance tax text messages

17/08/2022 - Pension scams

25/08/2022 - Ticket scams

31/08/2022 - Cost of living scams

07/09/2022 - Investment scams

21/09/2022 - Avoiding subscription scams

21/09/2022 - Cost of living crisis frauds

28/09/2022 - Four signs your new job is a scam

05/10/2022 - Facebook Marketplace scams

26/10/2022 - 'Fattening up' scams

03/11/2022 - eBay scams

16/11/2022 - Brushing scams

23/11/2022 - Cost of living scams - government grants

07/12/2022 - Loan shark scams

14/12/2022 - Counterfeit goods

21/12/2022 - Martin Lewis scams

11/01/2023 - Scam emails and texts

19/01/2023 - Fake HMRC texts

25/01/2023 - Ofcom's spoofing scam warning

01/02/2023 - How to spot scammers in your inbox

08/02/2023 - £95m on romance scams each year

15/02/2023 - Advance fee fraud - how to spot

22/02/2023 - Are your details being traded on the dark web?

01/03/2023 - Weight loss scams

09/03/2023 - Social media 'scraping'

16/03/2023 - Gambling scams 

22/03/2023 - Is your digital footpint putting you at risk of scams?

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