National Trading Standards Scams Team have worked together with The Involvement Matters Team at East Sussex County Council to make the Friends Against Scams (FAS) training and information leaflets more accessible for people with a learning disability.

There are some easy read resources near the bottom of the page.

Resources are things you can use to help you learn.

FAS accessible training presentation

The resources include the FAS accessible training presentation.

The FAS accessible training will tell you about

  • different types of scams
  • how to protect yourself and others.

It might be a good idea to look at the FAS accessible training with a supporter.

This could be someone in your family, a friend, a carer or support staff.

Let’s talk about scams

The Embedded Conversation Leaflet talks about

  • protecting yourself from scams
  • how to spot scams
  • where to get help with scams

You can find the leaflet near the bottom of thepage.

The Stop Loan Sharks Team has made an easy read leaflet about Loan Sharks. The leaflet will tell you what a loan shark is and how to get help and advice.

Stop Loan Sharks

Keeping yourself safe

If you think you have been scammed you should tell your bank as soon as possible.

You could ask someone you trust to support you to do this.

For advice about scams call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline

Phone: 0808 223 11 33

To report a scam call Action Fraud

Phone: 0300 123 2040

If you are in danger contact the police straight away

Phone: 999