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Due to the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19 (the coronavirus), below are some articles containing information on coronavirus scams and advice on how to protect yourself from them.


Coronavirus-related fraud reports increased by 400% in March

Action Fraud have reported a huge spike in coronavirus related scams in March. The majority of the reports have been related to online shopping scams, with ticket fraud, romance fraud, charity fraud and lender loan fraud also being reported. more

Councils are warning people about doorstep scams and cold callers

Council are warning people that criminals are pretending to be health officials or offering to pick up food and deliver medicines. Criminals are also selling fake face masks and hand sanitisers, say the Local Government Association - with hand sanitiser containing an ingredient banned for human use being seized in Birmingham. more

Online coronavirus scams identified and explained

Malwarebytes have pulled together a useful overview of coronavirus-related scams that are being seen on the internet. They discovered multiple email scams that attempt to use the fear and confusion surrounding the coronavirus to steal personal and financial information from consumers. more

Pension savers are at higher risk amids the coronavirus crisis warn MPs

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pension Scams have released new research which says pension savers face a greater risk of being targeted by criminals amidst the coronavirus crisis. more


Below is our fortnightly Scam Alert:


Doorstep Scams


Warning issued after further reports of rogue traders targeting elderly residents in Wrexham

6th May 2020

At the end of April it was reported that a 95-year old man in Holt was approached at his doorstep by a man claiming to be a ‘plasterer’.
Further details of the incident have now been released, with rogue trader described as slim, in his 40’s, 6ft tall, with stubble and wearing a flat cap. more

Scam warning after Peterborough pensioner loses nearly £2,000

15th May 2020

Peterborough residents are being warned about a scam after a pensioner was conned out of almost £2,000. more


Telephone Scams


Police warn residents to remain vigilant following telephone scams in North Norfolk

12th May 2020

Officers are urging residents to be vigilant following a number of telephone scams in the North Norfolk area.

An elderly couple living at an address in Binham received a telephone call on Monday 4 May, where the caller, who claimed to be a police officer from a Fraud Investigation Team coerced the victims into withdrawing £5,000 from their bank. more

Amazon phone call scam ‘prevalent’ on Isle of Wight

18th May 2020

Trading Standards is warning us to be vigilant after an Islander was targeted by a criminal purporting to be Amazon.

An Isle of Wight woman had accidentally signed up to Amazon Prime and had to cancel it, so when she received an automated call purporting to be from the firm she thought it was genuine. more


Online Scams


EE email scam tricks users into giving away payment details

6th May 2020

EE customers have been told to take care concerning any messages they receive from the company following the detection of a dangerous new phishing threat.

The emails detected by the Cofense Phishing Center used official EE imagery, luring victims with the subject line "View Bill -Error". The message within reported there has been an issue with the customer's payment, urging them to update their details with EE. more

Cybersecurity: the measures businesses should be taking during Covid-19

13th May 2020

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has estimated that the UK has been the most heavily targeted country for Covid-19 related phishing emails.

Whilst much of the malicious cyber-activity that has been identified is targeted at vulnerable individuals and organisations involved in the pandemic response (such as healthcare organisations), businesses should not rest on their laurels. more

Loneliness and lockdown exploited in romance scams

15th May 2020

Organised criminals will be exploiting loneliness during lockdown to take money from romance scam victims, a charity has said.

Victim Support said people's increased confidence in using the internet to meet and talk leaves them vulnerable. Research in one region shows romance scam victims are groomed, then tricked out of an average of £47,000. more