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Doorstep Scams


6th July 2021                                                                                                                                             

North Yorkshire Police has reminded residents to remain vigilant to doorstep scams and anybody who turns up at their door unannounced.
The warning comes after the force was made aware of three recent cases of suspected bogus roofers targeting the elderly and vulnerable in Harrogate, and another seven reported just over the border in Wetherby, Middlesbrough and Stockton. more



15th July 2021

Hampshire Constabulary has opened an investigation into so-called dodgy driveway criminals after a report was received of a group of men offering to carry out repair work to a driveway and then demanding cash. more


Telephone Scams


9th July 2021

HSBC has issued an alert with regards to a seemingly new technique being deployed by criminals to defraud Britons - and there is a specific telephone number to look out for. more



12th July 2021

People are being warned to be on their guard after criminals claiming to be police officers have been targeting Gloucestershire residents. 
A woman fell victim to a scam earlier this month after being phoned by a man claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police. more


Online Scams


6th July 2021

Nine dodgy Android apps have been caught trying to steal users' Facebook passwords, and even worse, they did so using Facebook's own real login page.
The nine Facebook-phishing Trojanized apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, but probably not from users' devices. more

7th July 2021

Rip-off copycat adverts for travel documents are “running rife” on search engines such as Google as unscrupulous sellers look to capitalise on confusion over post-Brexit travel arrangements. more

8th July 2021

Social media platform TikTok has banned the promotion of various financial services products including investments and cryptocurrency. 
It comes after individuals were warned about taking financial information from TikTok over concerns it could be misleading and catch out younger savers. more