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Doorstep Scams


5th September 2021                                                                                                                                             

John George ‘Joe’ Gentle targeted his victim during a four-month period, billing him £30,000 for renovations to his East Belfast house that only cost £10,000. 
Conman Gentle charged the man for work that was wildly overpriced or, in other cases, not done at all. more



13th September 2021

A builder is under investigation after a group of ten people said that they had paid his company £100,000 for work but it had not been completed. more


Telephone Scams


10th September 2021

A widow was conned £159,519 out of her life savings in a sick scam revealed to be a fake shares company in Indonesia. The 'vulnerable' victim, who has not been named, managed to have more than £140,000 recovered with the help of a fraud victim support office based in Berkshire. more



13th September 2021

An Isle of Wight resident received a phone call from a gentleman who told him that the cat had been found and had x rays and been checked over by a vet. He asked where he could collect the cat from and was told he had to make a payment first and to give his bank details. more



15th September 2021

HSBC UK have warned its customers that criminals are tricking people into disclosing their bank passcodes, giving them the ability to spend thousands in online purchases. more


Online Scams


6th September 2021

Being told you’ve won a competition may sound like great news at first, but think back – do you even remember entering one? more


13th September 2021

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has issued a warning to those undertaking part-time work, as many, particularly young people, could be at risk of falling victim to scams correspondence which claims to be from the government. more


14th September 2021

Families who booked holidays after seeing caravans advertised online had been caused “real heartache” when they discovered they had been conned by a couple, a judge has said. more