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Doorstep Scams


9th May 2022                                                                                                                                      

A warning has been issued to residents across Glasgow to beware of criminals trying to take advantage of people worried about the rising cost of living. more

Homeowners urged to remain 'vigilant' after Nottingham knockers target town

9th May 2022

Police have warned homeowners to remain 'vigilant' following reports of door knockers in Henley-in-Arden. Officers say they have been made aware that a number of individuals have been knocking on doors and offering small household products for sale. more


12th May 2022

A man who made £240,000 by conning pensioners has been jailed for six years. 
William King was called a 'menace to the public' after cold calling pensioners with caravans and convincing them that work was needed on their park homes. more


Telephone Scams


6th May 2022

Installing certain apps onto your phone could leave you out of pocket as experts shared a warning over phone apps used by cyber criminals to target your finances. more

10th May 2022                                                                                     

Merton Council is urging residents to be on the lookout for scam text messages relating to the COVID-19 Test and Trace service.  

In a text message seen by the council, the recipient was told they had been in contact with someone with Omicron and should purchase a PCR test. They were then directed to a website to submit their bank details. more


Online Scams


5th May 2022

New research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found that nearly half (47%) of investors would fail to identify a screen sharing scam, as it reveals an increase of 86% in cases in one year, with 2,014 cases and over £25 million in loses. more


9th May 2022

Mental health is the latest aspect of our lives that is quite rightly being destigmatised, and next on the list should be being scammed. This isn’t a problem that only faces the old and vulnerable, this is something that can affect us all. more



11th May 2022

Scams featuring Martin Lewis, the popular British financial advice guru, have been spreading over the internet again. This time, it’s a crypto scam. more


13th May 2022

Action Fraud – the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime – has said criminals are impersonating Eon in an attempt to steal the recipient’s money and financial details. more


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