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Doorstep Scams


Rogue trader who scammed the elderly finally behind bars
29th August 2019

A rogue builder who fled the country in an attempt to evade justice has been jailed for nearly four years.

Cold-calling Joseph Horner scammed homeowners on their own doorsteps into paying hundreds of pounds for poor building works, many of which were unnecessary or carried out to an inadequate standard. more


Rise in number of millennial scam victims: tips to stay safe
3rd September 2019


Reports of elderly people falling victim to scams have become all too common. But there has been a sharp rise in the number of young people being duped.

Research by Lloyds Bank reveals there has been just under a four-fold increase in the number of 18-34 year olds caught out by impersonation scams in the past 12 months. more


Scam warning as Scots targeted by bogus callers


6th Septemeber 2019

Scots have been warned about criminal bogus callers who are offering services such as landscape gardening in a bid to gain access to properties. more 


Telephone Scams


Fake 'Tesco' text claims you've won an iPhone

28th August 2019

There have been multiple reports of a new text message scam circulating where criminals masquerading as Tesco, are claiming victims have won a free iPhone. more 


Over a billion Android phones vulnerable to phishing attack

4th September 2019

Over a billion Android smartphones, including those from the world's largest manufacturers, are vulnerable to a hugely dangerous cyber attack, researchers have warned.

A new report from Check Point Research has uncovered a security flaw that could leave users open to advanced phishing attacks that would steal personal information. more

Online Scams
Instagram phishing scam uses fake 2FA code to appear trustworthy

28th August 2019


Researchers recently spotted a sneaky phishing scam that uses a fake two-factor authentication request to trick email recipients into entering their Instagram login credentials. more


Frank Abagnale: Never do these two things because 'that's 98% of me stealing your identity'

31st August 2019

Your Facebook profile may have all the information a criminal needs to steal your sensitive information. more


Online tool to beat criminals launched in Scotland

22nd August 2019

An online chat tool to help consumers beat online criminals has been launched in Scotland. The new service, run by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), allows people to report online scams and seek advice on how to deal with them. more

The hashtags that could land you in jail


5th Septemeber

A former criminal has joined forces with Santander to educate people about the methods criminals use to recruit innocent people into becoming money mules – a crime which can result in a prison sentence of up to 14 years. more