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Doorstep Scams
Witnesses praised for courage in Shropshire Trading Standards case
19th November 2019
Steven Sloan was fined at Shrewsbury Crown Court after it heard he had pressured vulnerable customers into buying armchairs. more


Carnon Downs becomes Cornwall's first 'No Cold Calling Zone'


22nd November 2019


Residents of the village of Carnon Downs have voted overwhelmingly to ban cold callers from their front doors in an effort to protect themselves from rogue tradesmen and other doorstep criminals. more


Telephone Scam


Warning after householder targeted by Council Tax scam 


20th November 2019

An alert Greenock woman wasn't fooled by a criminal who claimed she was due a £4,300 refund on her council tax. more


Online Scams
Scammed employee will not have to repay £108,000 to employer

18th November 2019


The importance of up-to-date training around email scams has been highlighted in a case at Scotland’s Court of Session where a woman who fell for a £193,000 email scam was judged not to be liable for her employer’s loss. more


Beware Of Cash ISA

19th November 2019

With the Bank of England’s base rate still stuck at 0.75% it is extremely hard to find a decent return on cash savings. Criminals have been targeting savers by offering unrealistically high interest rates on cash ISAs. more


Shoppers hoping to cash in on Black Friday deals are warned to watch out for 'too good to be true' deals


25th November 2019

With a rise in the number of shops offering Black Friday bargains, security experts say criminals are capitalising on the trend in the hope of conning shoppers. more



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