Become a SCAMchampion

Become a SCAMchampion and spread the word

SCAMchampions are Friends Against Scams who want to do more. SCAMchampions host awareness sessions to recruit Friends and drive Friends Against Scams forward in their communities or workplace. SCAMchampions attend an additional session to give them a fuller understanding of the laws surrounding scams and some presentation tips.

Is the SCAMchampion role for you?

  • Have you completed a Friends Against Scams awareness session?
  • Are you passionate about protecting and preventing victims of scams?
  • Are you happy to talk to groups about the Friends Against Scams message?
  • Do you have access to a computer?
  • Are you aged over 18?

Please note that as a SCAMchampion the Friends Against Scams Team may, on occasion, contact you regarding a request for a session in your area.

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