FASathon 2020!


First Published: 01 October 2020

Friends Against Scams (FAS) is a National Trading Standards Scams Team initiative, which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering people to take a stand against scams. The initiative has been running for four years and over half a million people have already completed the free scams awareness session!

Scams come in many forms; uninvited contact is received by letter, telephone, email or in person, making false promises to scam victims out of money. As well as financial loss, those targeted by scams can be affected socially, physically and emotionally.

Our Friends Against Scams awareness session helps people to spot a potential scam, identify those at risk and help protect friends, family and neighbours. Over 500,000 people have already completed the session but we need your help to share the messages with as many people as possible!

On Wednesday 21st October, the team are running a ‘FASathon’ – a Friends Against Scams marathon! Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible in one day to complete the online awareness session to protect themselves and their loved ones from scams.

Please join the FASathon on Wednesday 21st October and encourage as many people as you can to complete the session and become a Friend Against Scams!


Click here to complete the session