Young Friends Against Scams awareness session

First Published: 01 August 2019

The Friends Against Scams team are thrilled to launch our Young Friends Against Scams awareness session!

Young Friends is part of Friends Against Scams and has been designed to teach young people aged 8+ about:

• Scams and how they can affect people’s lives
• Different types of scams including – postal, telephone, online and doorstep
• How to protect themselves from being scammed
• How to spot and help a scam victim

It is essential that young people learn how to protect themselves and their families from scams. Learning how to protect yourself against fraud and financial scams is an essential skill, especially given the rise of new technology that young people are faced with.

The pack has received some great feedback already, with one session facilitator getting the following feedback from the leader of a Cubs group: "I try and teach these kids new things every week and I'm not sure it sinks in, but you came in and talked to them and they still remember it this week!" The leader also continues to explain that a child from the group had spoken to his family about the session, thus educating his Grandmother to inform a nuisance caller that her "grandson learnt about this at Cubs and he said to say no!" before hanging up the phone.

To find out more or recieve the resources to carry out a Young Friends Against Scams session please contact the team via our 'contact us' page!