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Doorstep scam

Bristol rogue trader fined after pretending to be registered Gas Safe engineer

27th March 2019

A Bristol trader has been fined for falsely claiming to be a registered Gas Safe engineer.
James King, from Brentry, pleaded guilty to three offences, which also included lacking professional diligence in his business practices and falsely stating he was accredited by a national body. more


Criminal faces jail after claiming £4.7m of taxpayers money in fishing bait scam

28th March 2019

A criminal is facing jail after he claimed up to £4.7million of European Union and Welsh Government grants by falsely saying he was developing a plant to breed worms for fishing bait.

Anthony Smith, 72, was paid millions of pounds in grants to develop alternative fish foods bring prosperity and jobs to Port Talbot and Pendine. more


Telephone Scams

Criminal jailed for his part in £400,000 scam against North Yorkshire woman

29th March 2019

A man from Stoke-on-Trent has been jailed for three and a half years for his part in stealing over £400,000 from a North Yorkshire woman.

Muhammed Faisal Yakoob, 36, of Scrivener Road, Cliffe Vale, Stoke-on-Trent, has been sentenced at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to offences of money laundering and identity fraud. more

Online Scams

West Sussex council staff fall victim to 'free iPhone' scam

26th February 2019

Staff at West Sussex County Council fell for a fake phishing email for a new iPhone. more


Worcester conman took £3,000 from Tinder woman after kidney surgery lie
27th March 2019
A criminal told a woman he met on Tinder that his kidney had been removed to scam her out of more than £3,000. Paul Gillett was jailed after admitting three frauds and 21 similar matters at Worcester Crown Court. more
29th March 2019
Almost all businesses today are responsible for keeping some sort of data secure and that is equally true for the education sector.
Increased tech interaction goes hand-in-hand with a greater risk of cyber-attack and educational establishments need to be aware of the challenges facing them and must take steps to protect themselves. more
1st April 2019
Thousands of people in the UK become victims of holiday scam every year - paying for non-existent accommodation, flights or entire holidays. They lose their holiday and their hard-earned money. more
Virgin Media fake email scam warning as phishing criminals target users’ log-in details
1st April 2019
Virgin Media customers have been warned not to respond to an email threatening to disconnect them because those that do, could fall victim to a malicious scam to steal bank details, personal information and maybe the whole identity. more