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Doorstep Scams


Dishonest trader jailed following trading standards investigation

25th April 2019

A builder from Sidmouth who installed conservatories across Bristol has been jailed for two years, after pleading guilty to criminal trading. more


New ‘No cold calling zones’ created in fight against doorstep criminals


26th April 2019

A new no ‘cold calling’ zone is being created in South Tyneside as part of council efforfts to stamp out criminals.
Nuisance calls, mail scams and rogue traders targeting vulnerable people are thought to cost the UK economy between £5bn and £10bn every year.

In South Tyneside, the council receives an average of three referrals a week from National Trading Standards. more


Rogue trader fined £5,000 after scamming elderly Dudley woman


29th April 2019

A rogue trader who pressurised an elderly lady into having over-priced and unnecessary work done at her Wordsley home has been handed a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay thousands of pounds in fines and costs. more


Doorstep criminals steal cash and jewels from elderly Peacehaven couple


29th April 2019

Doorstep criminals stole cash and jewels from an elderly couple in Peacehaven, Sussex Police have reported.

The force said: “Police want to identify two men who visited an elderly couple at their home in Peacehaven at around noon on Saturday 13 April, claiming they were there to complete garden work, despite no such work having been requested." more


Telephone Scams


Glasgow vishing scam criminal spent £3 million at Harrods


1st May 2019

The mastermind behind one of Britain’s largest ever cyber scams spent £3million on shopping sprees in Harrods, wild parties with pop stars and sports cars, a court heard.

Feezan Hameed Choudhary, 28, was jailed for 11 years in 2016 for spearheading a ‘vishing’ scam that tricked 750 RBS and Lloyds customers out of a total of £113million. more

Online Scams

Something’s phishy with the Instagram “HotList”


25th April 2019


Recently, the “Nasty List” phishing scam has plagued Instagram users everywhere, leading victims to fake login pages as a means to steal their credentials.
Now, cybercriminals are capitalizing on the success of the “Nasty List” campaign with a new Instagram phishing scam called “The HotList.” more


Police want kids to be warned of dangers of becoming ‘money mules’


26th April 2019

Police have asked for a letter highlighting the dangers of ‘money mules’ to be issued to the parents or guardians of every secondary school pupil in East Renfrewshire.
Concerns have been growing over a national trend which has seen schoolkids being asked to keep cash in their bank accounts for criminals. more


Criminal poses as Jason Statham to steal victim's money

29th April 2019

A criminal posing as Hollywood actor Jason Statham scammed a British woman out of hundreds of thousands using an online scam, the BBC has learned.It comes as police warn such crimes are at "epidemic" levels, with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) receiving reports of about 1,000 victims a month. more


Google Chrome hit with new phishing scam that uses fake address bar to steal passwords and credit card information


30th April 2019

A new and surprisingly simple phishing method has affected Google Chrome's mobile browser, disguising itself as some of victims' most-trusted websites.

The scam, called the 'inception bar', targets Android mobile users for Chrome by using a fake address bar that not only displays the name of a legitimate website, but also an SSL badge - used to verify a site's authenticity - indicating that the page is safe. more