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Doorstep Scams


Rogue trader who carried out ‘pointless repairs’ convicted of fraud in Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest


11th April 2019

A rogue trader who scammed 11 elderly victims across London by tricking them into paying for ‘pointless’ repairs has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering offences. more


Rogue builder receives suspended sentence after leaving a family home with structural problems


12th April 2019

Builder, Mark Everett, who overcharged the family and left their home unsafe, has received a two year jail sentence, suspended for two years.
He has also has been ordered to do 180 hours of unpaid work. more


No jail for roofer who targeted pensioner with £4,800 scam


13th April 2019

A dishonest workman tried to scam an elderly woman living alone into paying £4,800 for a new roof she did not need, a judge heard. Billy Rogers cold–called at the 76-year-old's address in Halesowen while looking for work and delivering leaflets advertising his business. more


Telephone Scams

Essex criminals scammed £1 million out of their victims with 'fake wine company'


10th April 2019


A group of criminals scammed £1 million out of their victims when they pretended to be wine brokers.
Over the course of two years, they deceived more than 50 people as part of their money laundering scam. more

Hero taxi driver prevents fraudsters preying on 87-year-old


10th April 2019


A taxi driver, Don Welby, was chatting to an 87-year-old woman who wanted a lift to her local bank branch and was shocked by what he heard.“She said that somebody had been accessing her bank account and she had to withdraw all her money,” Don said. more

Online Scams

Airport bogus parking boss who dumped customers' cars in a field has been jailed


10th April 2019

A bogus Gatwick Airport parking chief, who was paid to look after cars in a secure car park but instead left them unlocked in fields, has been jailed for 14 months.
The £1.4m scam, which was run by Asad Bashir Malik, involved the cars of holidaymakers being left unlocked with their windows open and keys on the windscreen in fields in West Sussex. more


Warning over dangerous new email phishing scam that can beat spam filters


12th April 2019

People are being warned against clicking on confirmation links in emails which are being used by criminals to sneak malicious links past the spam filters and into your inbox.
The scam exploits a flaw in the sign-up forms of real companies online to trick email providers into allowing dangerous links to get through. more