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Doorstep scam

19th February 2019

A couple have furiously claimed that a builder they paid £22,000 for an extension has disappeared without trace after building just three walls and leaving them sleeping in their attic for months. more

Flintshire Trading Standards warning over door to door fish sellers in the Deeside area

26th February 2019

Flintshire Trading Standards says it received a report from a local resident about fish sellers ‘cold calling’ in the Shotton area.

Residents are being warned not to buy fish on their doorsteps from strangers and advising all residents to be firm and say "NO” to anyone knocking on their door trying to sell fish or any other goods. more

Cold caller warning after elderly couple almost paid £28k for unnecessary works

4th March 2019

An elderly couple in Wrexham were prevented from paying out £28,000 for unnecessary work after Public Protection officers intervened.

As a result, Lawrence Newberry was prosecuted and pleaded guilty recently to three offences under Consumer Protection laws relating to the attempt to carry out an unnecessary roof replacement of a home belonging to the elderly couple in Wrexham.  more

Telephone Scam

Elderly woman scammed out of nearly £7K

27th February 2019

An elderly woman in Walpole Highway was conned out of over £6,800 by a cold caller.
The man, pretending to be a police officer, rang the victim on 22nd February. He told her that someone had used her bank card to buy counterfeit Euros.

Warnings over tax evasion scam hitting Sussex

4th March 2019

Elderly people in Sussex are being warned that they may be targeted by phone criminals pretending to be from HM Revenue and Customs. more

Online scams

Thousands of Coventry students hit by email phishing scam

21st February 2019

Thousands of students and staff at Coventry University were victims of an email phishing attack which locked them out of their university accounts.

The hack saw students and staff unable to access their emails or the university’s Moodle system, meaning they were unable to complete or submit assignments.

Renters urged to spot the signs of Tenancy Deposit Scheme scam

21st February 2019

Action Fraud is warning the public that criminals are claiming to be landlords to trick people into paying upfront ‘rent’ into Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

This comes as 28 reports were made to Action Fraud between December 2018 and February 2019 alone – amounting to a total loss of £19,990. more

Hackers use fake Google reCAPTCHA to hide banking malware

22nd February 2019

Hackers have targeted an unnamed Polish bank by placing a malicious file in Google reCAPTCHA to lure victims into downloading banking malware.

According to website security platform Sucuri, this phishing campaign employed both the impersonation and panic/bait techniques within an email to entice the unwary to the download
. more

Criminals target Instagram users with investment scam

25th February 2019

Instagram users are being warned about ‘get rich quick’ schemes following a rise in fraudulent investment posts on the social media app. The scam posts ask for a £600 initial investment and promise a high return within just 24 hours.

Action Fraud said it received 356 reports of this type of scam between October 2018 and February 2019, with the average victim losing £8,900. more