Spotted a Scam?

By becoming a Friend Against Scams you will learn how to spot the signs that might indicate someone has been scammed.

If you think that someone has been scammed and would like professional support then you can contact Citizens Advice.

Additionally if you feel comfortable you could approach them yourself.

When talking to them, here are some suggested guidelines that you could follow:

  • Spend time listening to the individual; do not judge them.
  • Present them with different options, but allow and encourage them to make their own choices.
  • Refrain from getting frustrated, interrupting them or finishing their sentences.
  • Don't force the issue, it's important to remember that scam victims might not always be receptive to talking about their experiences.
  • Sign up to be a Scam Marshal. Click here for more information.

More resources are available at Think Jessica's website.

For more information about the Telephone Preference Service please see.

For more information about the Mail Preference Service please see.