25,000 Friends Against Scams


The Friends Against Scams Team is excited to announce that we have reached the milestone of 25,000 Friends Against Scams. 

We would like to thank all Friends, Scamchampions, Organisations and Partners for their help and support in achieving this, and being part of this amazing initiative.



Particular thanks go to our first financial partner NatWest, who have tirelessly committed to help the Friends Against Scams Team fight scams and they have trained over 17,000 staff members. These staff members are on the frontline of helping protect and prevent people from being scammed and targeted by criminals.

With new Friends signing up every day and sessions being held all over the country, we are positive that you all are making a difference, spreading the message in your communities to Take A Stand Against Scams.

Now onwards to 1 million by 2020!