Scams Awareness Month

Scams Awareness Month is in July and is being run by Citizens Advice. The aim is to raise public awareness of scams, share stories and find out how to protect yourself and others from these crimes. You can find out more and access their downloadable and online resources from the Citizens Advice website

We also wanted to share NTS Scams Team resources to help support the campaign and give you some ideas on how you could get involved:

Friends Against Scams:

What a great opportunity to get involved in Friends Against Scams, you can use it as a tool to support you during the month

  • If you haven’t done so already become a Friend by attending a session or doing the online training
  • Register to become a SCAMchampion
  • Once a SCAMchampion, deliver a session in your community
  • Point people towards the Friends Against Scams website to find out more about the initiative and to complete the online training



  • You can download and access the Citizens advice materials from the above website
  • There are additional NTS Scams Team resources hosted on the website, in the partner hub
  • You can distribute these to within your local community or to any groups who may benefit from the posters.



  • Join our new public Friends Against Scams Facebook Page. Here you can advertise any sessions you are having, promote the work you are doing for Scams Awareness Month, share the FAS training, invite people to join the group etc.
  • Make a pledge on the site and share the training via Facebook e.g., "I pledge to tell at least 5 people how to be Scam Aware”, " I pledge to tell at least 10 people about Friends Against Scams”



  • Send out tweets during this month using our social media images and the hashtag #scamaware
  • The team will be hosting two Twitter chats on the 3rd July and the 31st July, via our @AgainstScams account on the first and last Monday of the month. The first will invite people to discuss their personal experiences and thoughts surrounding scams with the team posing questions to those participating and the second chat will be a Q&A session where the participants will get to ask questions. Both chats will be using the hashtag #SAMchat.


If have any other ideas or plans for the month it would be great to hear from you, and don’t forget to use the Friends Against Scams tool to support your work and advertise what you’re doing on social media and our new public Facebook page.