Utilities against scams

Utility companies are working together with a focus on raising awareness around scams as it is a growing issue affecting people globally. ​

Utility companies have interaction with customers on a daily basis, whether this is face to face when carrying out work in a community or in a customer’s home, having a telephone conversation or communicating digitally.

With the digital age, it is becoming easier for criminals to pose as legitimate companies and scam people out of large sums of money. This not only impacts on customers both financially and emotionally, but also creates reputational risk for businesses and the wider industry. ​

Therefore they can play a crucial part in spotting signs that a customer could need support and alerting those organisations who can help.

How are we helping?

Reminder aids have been created and will be distributed to those identified as high risk.

Utility specific scams training has been produced with the help of FAS and will be completed by employees at these organisations.

Why is it important we focus on this work?

Only 5% of scams are reported. More than 50% of people aged 65 plus have been targeted by criminals.

There are now 11.8 million people aged 65 or over in the UK. The number of people aged 65+ is projected to rise by over 40 per cent (40.77%) in the next 17 years to over 16 million. By 2033 the number of people aged 85 and over is projected to more than double again to reach 3.2 million, and to account for 5 per cent of the total population.

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