Give organisational support

Friends Against Scams Organisations

Friends Against Scams (FAS) organisations come from a range of business sectors, charities and Government agencies. A FAS organisation will make a pledge to support the initiative by raising awareness. This could be through staff training, customer interaction and/or social media.

A Friends Against Scams Partner differs from a Friends Against Scams organisation as partners are able to benefit from a wide range of bespoke services available and commit to the initiative on a national level. National Charities can become partners for free, but commercial organisations provide sponsorship for the initiative and may also pay for bespoke work, such as campaigns or tailored training.

Whilst we would like to encourage as many organisations to join us in scams awareness work, the integrity of Friends Against Scams is of the utmost importance to us. If your organisation meets the criteria below, then we would welcome an application from you, however, please be aware that as part of the application process, we run a series of due diligence checks.

To make an application, you need to:

  • Demonstrate the pro-active work that your organisation is already undertaking on scams prevention. 
  • Demonstrate that your organisation has a minimum 18 months of trading history
  • Pass any relevant company and director checks. We would also expect online feedback regarding your organisation to be generally positive

Please note that even if you meet the criteria above, your application will only be accepted at the discretion of the FAS management team as we may deem certain areas of trading unsuitable for association with the scheme.