Weekly Scam Article with the Daily Express

This article is updated every week.

In March 2022, Louise Baxter (Head of the National Trading Standards Scams Team) teamed up with James Walker (CEO of Rightly) to produce a weekly scams article with the Daily Express. The newest article goes live on the Daily Express' website every Wednesday and you can find links to them all below:

16/03/2022 - Fake charities exploiting the crisis in Ukraine

23/03/2022 - Energy bill telephone scams exploiting the cost of living crisis

30/03/2022 - WhatsApp messaging scams posing as friends and family

06/04/2022 - Lottery scams in the post

13/04/2022 - Clairvoyant and psychic scams in the post

20/04/2022 - Urgent parcel scam text messages

27/04/2022 - Websites leaking your data

04/05/2022 - Holiday scam emails

11/05/2022 - Business scams

18/05/2022 - Cryptocurrency phone scams